Being the very first therapist in North East of Scotland to be trained in Microblading has allowed me to perfect this treatment and become a master at creating and designing a range of beautiful, natural looking brows for every individual face.
This advanced treatment lends itself to people who have wrong shaped brows, over plucked brows, loss of hair/patchy areas that won’t grow back or through medical reasons such as alopecia or trichtollomania. You don’t have to be Brow-less. I can help you! 
The power of microblading, along with myself a creative and passionate and creative brow artist will give every individual client the chance to enhance their natural beauty. Every treatment is bespoke. Your brows your style. 
Prior to the treatment, you’ll have a thorough consultation which gives you time to discuss your requirements and any queries that you may have. 
After the treatment the brows will appear darker but may fade over a two week period, therefore it is crucial to have your six week top up as its difficult to predict how well your skin will retain the colour.
The final results last around 12 months but this differs for each individual. 
This treatment isn’t a trend its an eyebrow revolution. Be proud of your brows. 

Treatment Time - 120MINS

Cost - £300

Microblading top up within 8 weeks of last treatment - £65

Up to 6 months - £110

6 - 12 months - £150

1 - 2 years - £170

2 years + - £240