The new Hyaluron Pen pen deposits Hyluronic Acid into your lips using a burst of air causing a microscopic delivery of the filler.
This is the most advanced lip treatment out there. If you shy away from needles and are frightened and uncomfortable with pain then this is ideal for you. There is minimal pain , no needles, nothing sharp is used.
What is Hyulornic Acid?
Hyuloronic Acid is naturally present in the body but reduces and declines as we get older.
This active ingredient keeps the skin and lips rejuvenated and plump looking.
How long will the results last?
Each individual is different.
Lifestyle plays a huge factor and also drinking plenty of water is required for longevity.
Recovery time?
There is a slight risk of swelling, bruising, lumps but very rare.

Treatment Time - 45MINS

Cost - £140 for 0.5ml

Cost - £170 for 1ml (over 2 visits)